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04-Nov-2017 02:55

Match Up: One you have to jump to get at the large ramp at the beginning, one is in the gated area, one is on the far left steep ramp when there are three paths right before the finish line.Monster Truck Mayhem 3: Easy track, all three spark plugs are in the open and virtually can't be missed.Despite the controversy Tesco has attributed its second straight quarter of sales growth in part to its fresh “farm food” range, which has proved popular with shoppers even though the products are named after farms that do not exist.

Bubba's Bucket Bash: Since this level can be a bit of a pain, you may want to get the plugs, restart from the start menu, and do the race. The third is a bit more tricky, you must ramp at an angle to a small platform with a fence and the plug in front of it.

Trophies (In the order I got them) Monster Truck Mayhem 2: The first two require you to jump, the third requires you to be very close to the left side during a sharp turn.